By: Brandon Jacob-Jenkins

Director: Paul Tacaks

Scenic Designer: Matthew Kennedy

This show was produced live on Zoom on Oct. 30th, 31st, & Nov. 1st, 2020

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Storyboards made for each Scene.

Many of the backgrounds used in the show were animated, created with Procreate, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.

Love Background

Friendship and Everybody Shared Background

Since the production was moved to being produced virtually on Zoom, almost all of the scenes included shared backgrounds between multiple actors. These allowed for the characters to appear to exist in the same space, while the actors could be in their own homes.


Little Girl Background

EVERYBODY - Stuff V1.png

Stuff and Everybody Shared Background

Death and God Shared Background

EVERYBODY - Kinship and Cousin V2.PNG

Kinship, Everybody, and Cousin Shared Background

Time Background

Evil Background

In order to achieve the unique placement of the Zoom video boxes pictured in the storyboard below, we used a combination of Zoom (to record the actors), OBS (to configure the video boxes and backgrounds), and Youtube (to livestream the show each night.)

NOTE: Each performance was done live!


Usher 1 and Usher 2 Shared Backgrounds with the Somebodies surrounding them.

EVERYBODY - Strength V3.png
EVERYBODY - Beauty V3.png
EVERYBODY - Mind V3.png
EVERYBODY - Senses V3.png

Mind, Beauty, Senses, and Strength Backgrounds